About Us


We are a married couple located in Sydney, Australia where we have been privately keeping and breeding ‘Aussie Reptiles’ for the past 12 years.
We are lucky enough to both share a great passion for reptiles and together we make a great team!

We started out keeping and breeding Spotted Pythons and now we keep a variety of Reptiles including a range of Pythons, Geckos & other Lizards.

We decided to put together this website to show others our Collection and to offer some of our Quality Captive Bred Pure Reptiles that we have Available -  any offspring offered for sale will be advertised on our Available page.

We also offer a great range of Reptile Accessories & Equipment delivered to your door, so don’t forget to check out our Online Store - 'Aussie Reptile Supplies’ (ARS).

Be sure to check back regularly as our range is constantly growing & this site will continuously be updated with our current range.

Please feel free to browse the site, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Kelly & Damian Zammit